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Artist: Brazilution 5.8
Title: V.A.
Lable : Stereo Deluxe
Release Date: 15. October 2010
Distributor: Zebralution

Brazilution 5.8

"Música Electrónica Com Sabor Do Brasil" promises the taste of Brazil – and the taste of Brazil is what you get on this new signature compilation from Arndt Kielstropp, the mind behind Brazilectro / Brazilution – the latest album in a successful series that has consistently lived up to all expectations.

A total of 28 Latin-inspired club tunes await discovery on this double CD, from notable artistes such as Sabrina Malheiros, Cibelle, Zeep, and The Ipanemas, all guarantors of 100% authenticity on this premium seventh edition. In short, the mix of established stars and highly promising newcomers like Janice Andrade or Yorio da Costa, and of re-released or covered tracks along with six exclusive numbers, instantly reveals that Rio de Janeiro is well within your grasp, no further away than a trip to your local record store!

Brazil's wealth of musical diversity is just made for this kind of compilation. The survey of tropical sound begins with Sabrinan Malheiros. Meanwhile, back in the metropolitan "cidade maravilhosa", on Sugar Loaf Mountain, she undoubtedly ranks among those who have scaled the summits. Praised to the skies as the ambassadress of the new Bossa Nova, this daughter of (Azymuth bassist) Alex Malheiros shines with the song "Sem Pressa", once again underlining her skills as a singer/songwriter, and continuing the meteoric rise heralded by the recent deluxe edition of her current CD "New Morning" (2009).

The more experimental approach of Cibelle recently caught the eye (and ears!) of the press and fans alike, following release of her CD "Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel", which was produced in London. A native of Sao Paulo, the artist draws on a wide range of musical styles, which results in a decidedly exotic but nonetheless fascinating scenario on "Frankenstein": over the top and trashy yet also truly gorgeous. Similarly seductive is the work of Chris Franck and Nina Miranda aka Zeep, who previously enjoyed no small measure of commercial success under the monikers Smoke City and Da Lata. Now they are venturing into new territory, in this case with an adaptation of The Specials' classic "Ghost Town (Isso Nao Da)", to which even Jerry Dammers gave his blessing by contributing to the mix. And naturally, no such high-carat compilation would be complete without the major names on the Afro-Brazilian scene: percussionist Wilson Das Neves, the sole remaining founding member of The Ipanemas, a group that debuted way back in 1962, has been back in the spotlight since the late 1990s as the "Buena Vista Social Club of Brazil". In collaboration with crème de la crème musicians, he again consolidates his reputation on "Euê Ô", a track from the current album "Que Beleza". Yet "Brazilution 5.8" is a rich adventure playground not only for artists who've stayed the course for years or even decades, but also for a broad line-up of talented newcomers such as Beto Villares with "Rio Da Bossa Nova", or Daniel Arruda with "Pra Mudar". "Brazilution 5.8" demonstrates once again, how elegant a genealogy has flourished from Brazilian roots, from Samba thru Bossa Nova to the electronic era. When it comes to global dance floor 2010, "Brazilution 5.8" is unquestionably the most tropical, groovy cherry on the Sugar Loaf.



01. Sabrina Malheiros - Sem Pressa
02. Beto Villares - Rio Da Bossa Nova
03. Cibelle - Frankenstein
04. Yorio Da Costa - Bamba
05. Samberia feat. Pedro Martins - Volte
06. Arthur Verocai - Bis
07. Under Pressure feat. Janaina Lima - Ser Só Seu
08. Bossacucanova feat. Cris Delanno - Aguas de Mar ço
09. m.age.project - Bozza Supernova
10. Nitin Sawhney feat. Roxanne Tataei - Distant Dreams
11. Daniel Arruda feat Berlin-Bahia
12. Janice Andrade - Jogo do Amor
13. The Ipanemas - Eue O
14. Gelka - Budapest Calling
15. Concorde à L'Orange feat. Rye - Ailton Ligeiro
16. Flamingo Star - A Nossa Separaçao
17. Deja-Move feat. MsJames - Bring it Back
18. Zeep - Ghost Town (Isso não da) 19. Trouble Man feat. Nina Miranda - Paz
20. EMO - Relief For Free (Butti 49 Remix)
21. FunkeLakeBosa - BossaBassa
22. La Ida Amaral - A Bela E A Fera
23. San Savalle - Don't want to see you again
24. Paulo S. feat. Ange - Traces On Sand Of The Emerald Sea
25. Minus 8 - Soverato
26. Christoph Isermann - Natureza
27. Jen Meets Can7 - Temptation & Seduction

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Brazilution 5.7
artist: Brazilution 5.7
title: V.A.
format : 2CD in Digipak
releasedate: August 21st
style: BossaNova, Latin, Lounge

The successful Brazilution Series of Stereo Deluxe Records is now sounding the bell for the 7th round. This issue of the valuable series comes along with deep and placid tracks as well as delicate Bossa Nova and Brazilian rhythms – the perfect soundtrack for this year’s summer!

Ranging from selected acoustic to electronic sounds, from new-comers to the stars of the scene - the current edition offers a wide ranging selection of surprising sounds and vivid songs.
With its fascinating choice of songs and love for music, the Brazilution 5.7 revives the brazil-Genre. Nine exclusive productions by Janice, Ian Pooley, Moodorama, Yorio da Costa, Aaron Bingle amongst others, are increasing the value of this compilation. Just like the last edition, the Brazilution 5.7 comes along with 27 songs and a classy outfit and provides you with relaxed tunes and deep Bossa Nova which encourages you to wind down and definitely embellishes the summer!
As usual, the top artist of the genre, like Marcos Valle, Tosca, Sabrina Malheiros with „ Nova Estação“ one of her best sings of her latest, also Azymuth, Arthur Verocai, Céu and S-Tone Inc are involved.
High quality music brought to you by Stereo Deluxe - a highlight of the summer you can really relax to.


CD 1

Aaron Bingle - The Sunshine Eaze Your Love
Bossa Futura - Gala
Signor Rossi - Viva La Felicita
Yorio Da Costa - Suburbios Da Central
Arthur Verocai - Amor Na Contra-Mão
Marcos Valle - Nova Bossa Nova
Ian Pooley - Beijoca (Bossa Em Berlim Mix)
DJ Graham - B It’s Alright Now
DJ Day - A Place To Go
Sabrina Malheiros - Nova Estação
Crescenti e Rosa Morena Russa - Ventania (Cortes Original Mix)
Rosalia de Souza - Que Bandiera (feat. Marcos Valle)
Justin - Pequena Borboleta
Azymuth - Vôo Sobre O Horizonte

CD 2

Janice Andrade - Maracatu Mistura
Trizonna McClendon - Trizonna
Simao feat. Ygon Alves - Chuva
Tosca - Heidi Brühl
FunkeLakeBosa Basa - Nove Goes Bossa
S-Tone Inc. - Beira do Mar
Malena - No Llores Mas
Moodorama -Mucho Grande
Toco - Instalaçao do Samba
Céu - O Ronco da Cuica
Mulherengo - Lucia
Maria Rita - Tá Perdoado
Frida Rica & Daniel Arruda - Corcovado

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Brazilution 5.6 – The Winter Edition
Artist: V.A.
Title: Brazilution 5.6
Release Date: 05.12.2008

Quantic, Nickodemus, Tempo & The Candela Allstars - Brazilution 5.6

50 years ago, Brazil gave birth to the Bossa Nova, this wonderful genre which ever since has spread the unique mixture of yearning and melancholy, which hurts so much that it is beautiful in effect. The combination of feathery tunes and lugubrious lyrics creates a truly timeless sound full of nostalgia, no matter if the song in question was written in the 1960s or today. The same is true for the music selection of Arndt Kielstropp for his topical „winter edition“: 25 tracks which sparkle so intensely that they should keep on shining for the next 50 years.

From Edu Lobo’s 1970s original „Zum-Zum“ to the deconstructed Jobim classic „Corcovado“ of Austrian project Koe:r, the collection includes such diverse tracks as the magical R&B/bossa crossover „Timeless“ by Sergio Mendes feat. India Arie, the exuberant „Mi Swing Es Tropical“ by Quantic & Nickodemus and the flabbergasting „Baiao Destemperado“ by body percussion group Barbatuques. Their idiosyncratic groove is even more astounding when you face the fact that all their percussive elements are generated by using their jaws and cheeks, drumming on the chest, tap-dancing and clapping.

Further picks from CD1: „Um Novo Amor Chegou“ is salvaged from the fifth album („Call Of the Gods“) by The Ipanemas, a duo consisting of Wilson Das Neves & Neco who together are over 140 years old. These amazing guys link the presence with the samba roots of Copacabana’s jazz bars of the 1950s. Arthur Verocai is another champion worth mentioning. His 1972 album „Arthur Verocai“ is considered one of the most influential in Brasilian music history. Here he excels with „Tupa Tupi“ taken from his 2007 sophomore (!) album „Encore“ and once more presents his outstanding vesion of samba soul. Sabrina Malheiros „Brisa Mar“ brings feelgood music into your ears and succeeds in balancing traditional sounds with electronic production techniques.

With Jen meets Kieser.Velten „Together“ (whose album has just recently been released on Stereo Deluxe) and Nina & Chris present Zeep „Come With Me“ two further sparklers take over. While Jen meets Kieser.Velten once more explore the poles of yearning and melancholy, Chris Franck (Da Lata, Smoke City) and Nina Miranda („Underwater Love“) give testimony to how beautifully you can amble between traditional samba vibes and modern sounds.

More picks from CD2: Teaming up with her fabulous mother Joyce, Clara Moreno radiates fresh sex appeal with her challenging “Sabe Quem?”. Road’s „Toda Menina Baihana“ is one of the highlights from their 2007 album „Can’t Talk“. Here, singer Valerie Etienne (Galliano, Jamiroquai) adds a marvelous finishing touch to the excellent musicians and producers of the band, Paul Gunter, Mike Benn and D. Boo Gallagher. The juxtaposition of the following tracks underlines once and for all how diligent this compilation is put together. Democustico „O Sonho“ (a cooperation of A. and S. Malheiros), Deja Move „Still Believe“ and Quantic „Mi Swing Es Tropical“ could hardly be more diverse in their vibes and arrangements but still leave you with a feeling of harmonious perfection.

The 25 multi-faceted tracks of this double cd brace you for all these foggy autumn days and frosty winter weeks. With contributions by Sound Surgeons, Aaron Bingle, Deja Move, Janice Andrade and Da Silva you get 5 exclusive tracks on top. Enjoy the warmth of Brazilution 5.6 – the winter edition!


1. Edu Lobo - Zum-Zum
2. Sergio Mendes featuring India Arie - Timeless
3. The Ipanemas – Um Novo Amor Chegou
4. Concorde à L’Orange feat. Janice – Linhas da Mão’
5. The Dining Rooms feat. Toco – Cobra Coral
6. Sabrina Malheiros – Brisa Mar
7. Sound Surgeons - Contra o Vento*
8. Arthur Verocai – Tupa Tupi
9. Aaron Bingle - Chega De Ficar/See You Then*
10. Richard E & Annabel Lee - My Mistake (Cortes Bossavantgarde Mix)
11. Jen meets Kieser.Velten – Together
12. Channel Two - Across Waters
13. Nina and Chris present Zeep – Come With Me
14. Daniel Arruda – Apis Flora

CD 2

1. Clara Moreno feat Joyce – Sabe Quem?
2. Juliano Rossi – Glamorous Music
3. Road feat. Valerie Etienne – Toda Menina Baihana
4. DJ Mibor presents Chocolat Soul – Bahia Alegre
5. La Tirana - Calimero
6. Democustico – O Sonho
7. Deja Move – Still Believe (Primestyle Mix)*
8. Quantic & Nickodemus – Mi Swing Es Tropical
9. Barbatuques – Baião Destemperado
10. Bossa Futura - Rios y Ramas
11. Janice Andrade – Samba Paixão*
12. Da Silva – Intendeo*
13. Koe:r - Corcovado

* exclusive tracks

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blind blind blind
Brazilution 5.5
música electrónica com sabor do Brasil edição 5.5
2CD sdx 0162130 2
Release Date: 23.03.07

With the last edition, Brazilution, this highly successful compilation series of Brazilectro founder Arndt Kielstrøpp, has been firmly established at renowned German label Stereo Deluxe where it enjoys worldwide reputation. The topical issue sees legendary veterans like Celia Vaz and The Ipanemas meet and mingle with new idols like Cibelle and Sabrina Malheiros, and buzzing producers such as Atjazz, Vikter Duplaix and Koop. While the CD’s elevating sol side offers an impressive range of sweet ballads, mellow funk and uptempo samba, the clubby luna side gives way to a panorama of compelling club sounds - some of them murderously cool, some highly percussive, and some deliciously bouncy. The biggest plus is the compilation’s diversity which shows both love for music and an exquisite insider’s taste. Sparkling facets abound wherever you tune into. Apart from legendary Brasil label Far Out Recordings, it’s the tracks from Ninja Tune, Tru Thought or Compost which make this voluptous double CD an exciting find. Exclusive productions by Moodorama and Janice Andrade add further value. With Brazilution 5.5. Arndt Kielstropp once more proves that he knows his way around good grooves.

The SOL SIDE takes off with the smooth ballad “Espade De Prata” by CELIA VAZ who since her 1980 debut album “Mutaçao” (teaming up with Pat Metheny) is a big star in Brasil. The crowning highlight is the 8-minutes instrumental track “Brazilian Waltz” by Italian jazz legend MARCO DI MARCO whose keys beautifully harmonise with the flute play of Nathan Haines and catch with a dicrete drive. While the somewhat classic approach of guys like Marcos Valle, Bebel Gilberto (with an exclusive track from her upcoming album “momento”) and The Ipanemas radiate their charming vibe, other state-of-the-art production call for increased attention. Key tracks are MAX COLE’s mellow funk mix which adds some nice beats to SABRINA MALHEIRO’s “Cada Voce”. Taken from the astonishing SERGIO MENDES album “Timeless” (produced by Black Eyed Peas’, the track “The Frog” stimulates with the distinguished vocals of hip hop legend Q-TIP. Further highlights are the sophisticated grooves of “The Times” by HARVEY LINDO aka Modajii (with Portuguese rap and the graceful voice of Kat Johnson) and the cineastic “Nightlite” by BONOBO. The exclusive track “Samba Sol” by JANICE ANDRADE could well serve as the cheerful motto of this Sol Side. The Bristol based band ROAD is a new signing on Stereo Deluxe. They contribute the exclusive track “Saudades Do Brasil” from their upcoming album, which will be released in may.

The LUNA SIDE excels with great diversity. Right at the start, KOOP’s swinging “I See A Different You” makes you smile, based on the exotic touch of a long lost orchestra and dipped in the sweet honey of Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano. While the deep club sounds of ATJAZZ “Put It On” (remixed by New York grandmaster OSUNLADE) create a perfect counterpoint, CLARA HILL’s duet with VIKTER DUPLAIX (“Paperchase”) come with a tremendous bounce. An accomplished blend of percussive beats and cool vibe is served at the hands of UK dj and producer legend PAUL MURPHY who with “Budapest Chachacha” delivers a very solid soulful rhythm. Tru Thought artist DIESLER’s “A Little Something” shines with the vocals of Laura Vane (Gnarls Barkley, MJ Cole) and is further fuelled by GERARDO FRISINA’s remix including an additional set of 8 live musicians. As exclusive tracks excel “El Chico” by MOODORAMA who among all these beat-driven club tracks offer some truly nice grooves and pleasing warmth and of course the latin house legend IAN POOLEY who contributes “Zona Sul”, a track from his upcoming studio album.

Featuring tracks and productions by Celia Vaz, Road, Marcos Valle, Sergio Mendes, Bebel Gilberto, The Ipanemas, Cibelle, Koop, Atjazz, Vikter Duplaix, Bugz in the Attic, Ian Pooley and many more.

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música electrónica com sabor do Brasil edição 5.4
präsentiert von Marcelo dos Santos Paraíba aka Marcelinho

Brazilution, the successful compilation series of Brazilectro creator Arndt Kielstrøpp, comes up with a serious punch in round four after changing its homebase to exquisite German label Stereo Deluxe. Ranging from acoustic listening pearls to deep club sounds, from rare grooves (watch out for Arthur Verocai!) to topical hits and from stars of the genre (Joyce, Marcos Valle, Bebel Gilberto) to brand-new discoveries (Apollo Nove, Cibelle, Sabrina Malheiros), this edition offers a unique sound panorama covering the most vivid songs and a cornucopia of surprising sounds. With fascinating insight and love for music, this compilation breathes new life into the otherwise dusted Brazil-genre. Three exclusive productions by Ian Pooley, Janice and Concorde à L’Orange add further value. Like the previous edition, this stylish and voluptuos double CD is subdivided into the smooth Sol Side and leg-warming Luna Side (in the mix by Arndt Kielstrøpp).

SOL SIDE takes a laid-back and rather jazzy approach by offering a mixture of Bossanova classics, cool but funky Brazil tracks and some of the smoothest Latin tracks of today. The often quoted ease of the Brazilian way of life drips from every beat while the blessed singers of Brazil sweeten every song in a unique fashion.

The openeing act Apollo Nove (one of the most exciting young Brazilian producers) heralds upcoming pleasures with his bizarre space sounds with a knack for Hawaian influences. This crazy guy supposedly calls his own more than 60 vintage synthesizers and keyboards he makes heavy use of in his productions before peppering them with Ambient, D&B and NuJazz elements. The song “Inexplicata” not only radiates sophisticated vintage sound but also reveals his good sense of humour.

Diva Joyce who was born in Copacabana in 1948 is one of the rare great female acoustic guitar players of Brazil. Since the mid-1960s she has released close to 25 albums in various constellations. Her song “Rio Bahia” from the eponimously titled album (hailed by BBC 2 as “a thing of rare beauty” gepriesen), offers classic Bossa Nova enriched with jazzy flavours. Airy Support comes for Jazz pianist Kenny Werner.

In a funky and percussive way follows Marcos Valle “Nao Tem Nada Nao” (taken from his widely acclaimed 1973 album ”Previsao de Tempo”). This prolific singer/songwriter and producer conquered the world in the late 1960s with his classic album “Samba ‘68” and was rediscovered in the mid-1990s by the European club scene. He helped establish the Drum’n’Bossa sound and kept on releasing albums for Rare Groove fans who love his sensual Easy Listening productions with tasteful and organic electronic ingredients.

Otto is another highly-merited young artist who compels with his elegiac but swinging groove. His sound is like the art of a painter who splashes colour far beyond the actual painting. That’s why his song “Bob” directly tickles your soul and creates a gut feeling of squirming sound pleasures.

Like smooth splashing in the bathtub starts “Esplendor”, the beautiful contribution of former model and recent London inhabitant
Cibelle Cavalli who was showered with praise (“She’s the bossa!”) after her 2003 debut release “Cibelle”. Roots magazine declared her “more adventurous than Bebel Gilberto, more interesting than Morcheeba.”. The former lead singer, muse and companion of Suba endows us with a floating piece of Brazilian pop music drenched in a charming version of authentic tristeza. Careful listening is rewarding, as the closing sing-along break meets some gracefully smooth final guitar chords.

What follows is the gorgeous ballad “Vivente” by Dutch band Zuco 103 centered around Brazilian singer/songwriter Lilian Vieira, the funky Bossa of British band
Jazzinho (lead by Portuguese singer Guida da Palma) who allow beautiful Jazz and soul harmonies to shine in “Velejo”. Next come the Jazz Fusion track “Jogo do Amor” by Janice and the sophisticated groove of “Aqua” by Nina & Chris who like many of their gifted fellow musicians release on the renowned Far Out label. As conclusion to the Sol Side we are offered the smooth Bossa “All Around” by superstar Bebel Gilberto which was recorded in cooperation with Japanese guitar maestro Masaharu Shimizu. The feel of the song is like sinking into a sleek and pillowy cocoon.

Before all this, edition 5.4 has quite some diverse songs in store. Among the big highlights is
Arthur Verocai who wins over hearts with his stunningly beautiful Soul crossover “Na Boco de Sol”. This song is taken from his 1972 debut album “Arthur Verocai” which today is traded at 500 US Dollars. Recorded under the regime of the military dictatorship, the album defies musical conventions and makes excessive use of figurative language to sneak under the censorship radar. However, this masterpiece recorded with full string orchestra never was a commercial success. Verocai returned to being music producer and advertising executive. It took him 30 years before he released his second album “Saudade Demais” in 2002.

Another Brazilian legend is singer/songwriter and guitarist
Vinicius Cantuaria who is one of the major creative forces on the Brazilian pop world and has collaborated with some of the greatest artists ever, such as Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Brian Eno, Bill Frisell and Arto Lindsay. On his 2005 album “Silva” he serves a compelling mixture of Bossanova, Jazz and Electronica. The album song “Saudades de Você” (”Longing For You”) however is quite an exception and bows to the the early days of Bossa Nova, a time when almost every lyric spoke of nothing but love, smiles and the blossoms of spring. After this rather traditional approach, the Nirvana cover “Come As You Are” by Roberto Coelho comes as mind-boggling surprise which makes us smile and curiously expectant for the offerings of the second disc.

Arndt Kielstrøpp presents a danceable mixture of uptempo Bossa, club Samba and seductive Latin House. As a charming detail right at the beginning, Bossa Futura alleviate the transition between sol and luna side with their song “Sol Y Luna”. British guitarist and his Columbian wife Annamaria combine spacey effects, Latin percussions, guitar and trombone solos with luscious vocals to make this song an all out winner.

Of course, big names such as
Ian Pooley (with the exclusive and tremendously compelling track “Maestra” including a surprising Electro-Disco break), Thievery Corporation, Boozoo Bajou and Bah Samba (with their wonderful percussive hymn “Portuguese Love”) all show up to make this compilation an alluring treat.

Among the other highlights are
Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi who since their 2005 debut album “Several People” and their version of retro Jazz buttered with plushy House beats have been a critic’s choice. Their sound ranges somewhere between the elegance of Milano and the warmth of Adriatic beaches, coated with a patina of melancholy and dreaminess. The album track „Spread Your Love“ adds high danceability to the seductive mix. A completely different groove reigns the exclusive title of German band project Concorde à L’Orange who casually drop some Brazil quotes, add some French House bonds and spice it up with Latin percussions to turn „A Bela e a Fera“ into an easygoing dance pleasure.

Miriam Aïda, daughter to a Swedish mother and moroccan father, studied at the Jazz Institute of Malmö where she first encountered the fascinating world of Bossa Nova. It was love on first sight, as Miriam ever after was determined to dedicate her life to this strong current of Brazilian music. In 1999 she teamed up with fellow musicians to form the band
A Bossa Electrica ever since exploring new ways of finding contemporary answers to the classic calls of the Bossa Nova. The song „Skindo Lele“ from their 2004 debut album „Eletrificaçao“ sounds like a sensual summer’s dream: sunny but tinged in sweet melancholy. The Sumo Rebounce mix translates this dreamy tun into a tasty club tune.

Another special treat placed right at the center of CD2 is the
Earth, Wind & Fire classic „Brazilian Rhyme“ framed by two of the most exciting young Brazilian singers Sabrina Malheiros (here remixed by Kenny Dope) and pop jewel Rosalia de Souza.

The brilliant pickup to this daringly selected trio is up to
Rosalia de Souza who in her modern Samba “Canto de Ossanha“ (taken from her 2003 debut album „Garota Moderna“ = „Modern Girl“) allows to catch on the signature sound of producer Nicola Conte. Her endearing voice seems to melt down a sugar loaf in just one song and is supported by Easy Listening organ and vibraphon solo. Then Brazilution mastermind Arndt Kielstrøpp salvages the Earth, Wind & Fire classic „Brazilian Rhyme“ (featured on their 1977 album „All’n’All“ as interlude and live version) thus allowing a quick breather in the midst of all these powerful club productions. Combining cliché and class, this instrumental track radiates pure listening pleasures and triggers big smiles everywhere. Vocal grace Sabrina Malheiros descends from a renowned music family tree. For 30 years, her father Alex has been leading the legendary band Azymuth on bass. Being his offspring she highly profited from this special relation as her father invited some of his long-term studio pals for the recording of her 2005 debut album „Equilibria“. The album is devoted to both Samba and Bossa. Here we are blessed with the beautiful Bossa „Estaçao Verao“ which at the hands of Kenny Dope was taught some nice and easygoing groove.

The title of the final song „Jazz Room“ is slightly misleading as the 'Spiritual South Remix’ is a truly wicked track for the dancefloor. Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford Project deliver their hypnotic club sound tittilating the desire to leave the comfy listening couch and head for the next club with música electrónica com sabor do Brasil. Mission accomplished!

Edition 5.4 is presented by Marcelinho (football star of Hertha BSC Berlin) who contributes a song teaming up with the band of his homeboy Novinho (included as bonus track on CD1). The acoustic song „Mãe“ sounds as melancholic as it is animated and features Marcelinho on percussions and with additional vocals. During the FIFA WM 2006TM he will further promote this compilation with some live gigs – a true cultural ambassador Brazil!
blind blind blind

Brazilution 5.5 - SOL SIDE
1.Celia Vaz and APE
Espada da Prata
2.Marcos Valle
On Line (12” Version)
Saudades Do Brasil *
4.Bebel Gilberto
Azul *
5.Sergio Mendes feat. Q-Tip &
The Frog
6.Sabrina Malheiros
Cade Voce (Max Cole & Beatnik RMX)
7.. The Ipanemas
Malandro Quando Vaza
8.Janice Andrade
Samba Sol *
9.Harvey Lindo feat. Kat Johnson
The Times
10.Bonobo feat. Bajka
Instante De Dois
12.Marco Di Marco
Brazilian Waltz

Brazilution 5.5 - LUNA SIDE
1.Koop feat. Yukimi Nagano
I See A Different You
2.Atjazz feat. Ernesto
Put It On (Osunlade Club Mix)
3.A Bossa Electrica
Beleza Nao Vai Embora
4.Offworld feat. Marcos Valle
Black Magic Power Ride
5.Ian Pooley
Zona Sul *
6.Clara Hill meets Vikter Duplaix
Paper Chase
7.Paul Murphy
Budapest Cha Cha Cha
A Little Something feat. Laura Vane (Gerardo Frisina Remix)
Está Quente *
10.Big Bang
Yo Yo Jazz (Nicola Conte Rework)
11.Bugz in The Attic
Once Twice

12.Zero dB

Te Quiero
13.Tama Waipara
April's Lady (Wai Wan UK Remix)

* Exclusive tracks

Brazilution 5.4 - SOL SIDE
1.Apollo Nove feat. Céu
2.Joyce with Dori Caymmi
Rio – Bahia
3.Marcos Valle
Nao Tem Nada Nao
4.Otto feat. Bebel Gilberto
Bob (Edu K Remix)
6.Zuco 103
Jogo do Amor *
9.Chris & Nina
10.Arthur Verocai
Na Boca do Sol
11. Vinicius Cantuaria
Saudades de Voce
12.Roberto Coelho
Come as you Are
13.Bebel Gilberto
All Around (Telefon Tel Aviv Mix)

Bonus Track
Novinho feat. Marcelinho
Mãe *

Brazilution 5.4 - LUNA SIDE
1.Bossa Futura
Sol y Luna
2.Bah Samba
Portuguese Love
(phil asher’s restless soul mix)
3.A Bossa Electrica
Skindo Lele (sumo rebounce mix)
4.Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi
Spread Your Love
5.Rosalia de Sousa
Canto de Ossanha
6.Earth, Wind & Fire
Brazillian Rhyme
7.Sabrina Malheiros
Estacao Verao"
(kenny dope original twist)
8.Concorde à L'Orange
A Bela e a Fera *
9.Thievery Corporation
The Heart is a lonely Hunter
(roots dub)
10.Boozoo Bajou
Killer (original)
11.Ian Pooley
Maestral *

12.Paul Murphy &
Marc Woolford Project

Jazz Room (spiritual south rmx)

* Exclusive tracks

In Coorporation with:



Edition 5.4 is presented by Marcelinho (football star of Hertha BSC Berlin)
who contributes a song teaming up with the band of his homeboy Novinho
(included as bonus track on CD1).
The acoustic song „Mãe“ sounds as
melancholic as it is animated and features Marcelinho on percussions and
with additional vocals. During the FIFA WM 2006TM he will further promote
this compilation with some live gigs – a true cultural ambassador Brazil!